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Kathleen McGookey

Short Catalog of My Regrets


Regret number 12 reads over my shoulder.  My fourth regret follows me from room to room, then scratches its ear, collar jingling.  Sixteenth regret leans against any available wall, torn jeans and messy hair.  Regret 7 tells me now it has heard everything.  38th regret washes my face with a warm soapy cloth.  They take turns sleeping.  They juggle nametags and paperclips and count the stars.  Regret 3 chews its scabby lips while my 29th regret vacuums the stairs.  Regrets 131 and 8 play a wicked game of hopscotch in the kitchen.  Yesterday’s regret roosts in my head and preens its oily wings.




KATHLEEN McGOOKEY's latest book is Heart in a Jar (White Pine Press, 2017). Another book is forthcoming from Press 53 next year. Recently her work has appeared in Copper Nickel, Crazyhorse, december, Field, Prairie Schooner, Quiddity, Tupelo Quarterly, and Waxwing.


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