The American Journal of Poetry
"Strong Rx Medicine"®


Larissa Szporluk



the road

the river can
do no more

wind bends
the advertisement

for a child
hard to read

hard to keep
what gives

to the father

in the dark
lyrical unfindable

to swim
without clothes

to bend
like the river

before roads

before license
was given

to wind
to give lips

to fauns
and to doomed ones

less will
to live



Larissa Szporluk

Park of the Son of Heaven


today you could
rent a swan

without a brain
you could make it

glide for you
make it stir

the funny water
straddle it

with a push
you could make it

love you
but you won’t—can’t—

you should pay
the operator

get the swan
make friends 

for life 
for an hour

you can ride her
without steering

hold her neck
without feeling




LARISSA SZPORLUK is a professor of English and Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. She is the author of, most recently, a chapbook, Startle Pattern, and new poems appear in the current issue of Bateau.



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