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Eveliina Nieminen

Need for Beauty


I used to think that you stop having imaginary friends when you reach a certain age.
Often times four or five, but no older than six. Leaving these friends behind is painful for
they have been your trusties wherever you have gone: to daycare, the playground, to
sleep – even in the toilet they have diligently sat beside you and kept you company.

After you have left your imaginary Lily, Billy and Mr. Silly behind you are to walk alone.
And this is what people do. This is also what I did until the day came when I reopened
the door of my imaginary world and resettled there.

This world is only a breath, a blink of an eye away from our visible one.
This is the world where you and I came to exist.

It is an exceptional small universe that smells like rosewater. Hardly ever witnesses a
rainy day, and if it does, it is a romantic-rainy, never a grey-cold-rainy. Here only
meaningful conversations and inspiring projects take place. Meaningless prate doesn’t
exist. Time famine is not an issue and our hopes and dreams never contradict one
another. Countryside is always at hand and we drive there every weekend.

And most importantly, as this is an exceptional universe, it is filled with a lot of spare
time between the sheets. Imagine this: You and I between the sheets. Today, tomorrow
and the day after that.

You have acquired all these wonderful qualities such as love for animals, patience for
everything I say, endless interest in the meaning of life, a way of touching me that makes
me, well you know….

I am not saying that you do not possess these qualities in real-life, it is just that I know
only a little of you. Like the fact that you like fast cars, suffer from severe road rage and
wear beautiful brown leather boots during the winter.

The rest I need to imagine for we only know each other by name. And this will never
change because you are married – or more precisely –
happily married.

If I told anybody else, except my animal friends and people under six-years old about
this life of mine, they would call it “ridiculous escaping of reality” or “severe
hallucination. “

And they would be right, as I never grew up. I just fake it everyday: go to work in a
global law practice, talking and walking like a grown-up, glancing at opponents with a
chilly smile to gain power over them. But when I arrive home during the late hours I
hurry to hug my plush tiger and dive into our world.




EVELIINA NIEMINEN's stories stem from curiosity for human behavior and the different ways we steer our lives. She published her first contemporary poetry book, autobiographical Mother’s Wardrobe, in 2016. The poems were also exhibited together with the artwork in an art gallery, receiving a lot of publicity and warm reception from national media. Eveliina resides in Helsinki, Finland, and is currently working on a flash fiction series. The first episode, titled Imaginary Friend, is published later this year.



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