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Theric Jepson

Working Theory


Based on these rope marks across her throat,
and the clothing, clean and dirty,
and the toys scattered about the floor,
it appears to me she was done in by the Clean Room Fairy,
she of the glittery hair that drops no glitter
and the smile that's friendly but firm
and the white cotton gloves that reveal hidden truths
and the neatly coiled rope she keeps on her hip
to string up the little boys and girls
who serve chaos rather than order.

Yes, detective.
If I had to guess,
that's what I would say
became of my little girl.




THERIC JEPSON is the lead editor of Peculiar Pages and on the editorial panel of Quatrain.Fish. His own poetry has appeared in Boston Literary Magazine, Epigraph Magazine, Wilderness Interface Zone, Psaltery & Lyre, 無μ, Poet's Haven, Califragile, Dialogue, and others. His chapbook, After Chadwick, appeared in 2015. He is also author of the fictions Byuck, Perky Erect Nipples, and many short stories.



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