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Vera Ignatowitsch

Political Divide


My parents have argued and no longer speak.
My sister and I hiss in whispers and glare.
It’s gone on a year and the future looks bleak.

In two different rooms the tv channels blare
their rough accusations about who will wreak
destruction on whom, as if we really care.

My girlfriend is curious, but she would freak
to see them throw objects, exhaling the air
that seethes with hostilities, thicker each week.

I’m over at her house as much as I dare
to be absent, inhaling the peace that I seek.
She doesn’t come here. I'd be watching her stare

at my family’s virulent anger. They leak
emotional havoc, a flood, everywhere,
and the stink in our home is becoming a reek

of belligerent rancor, an echoing streak
of malignant maliciousness soaking the air.
My parents have argued and no longer speak.
There aren’t any words left; the future looks bleak.




VERA IGATOWITSCH is addicted to poetry, raspberries, and the occasional good scotch. Her poems have been published in anthologies, The Lyric, San Pedro River Review, Poets Reading the News and elsewhere. She is Managing Editor of Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine.



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