The American Journal of Poetry
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Jonathan Graham

You Grave For Me


After Philip Larkin

They fucked you up, your mom and dad.
They paid off clever doctors, whom,
for fear of faults they thought you had,
they’d hired to dismember you.

Dismemberment’s a way to go:
with forceps clamped around your chest
they yank, and pull out just a toe,
then go back in to get the rest.

Your leg came out, and in the pan
they laid it out. So bit by bit
they broke you up, apart, and down,
and turned you from you into it.




JONATHAN GRAHAM is a father, husband, student, and writer in Charleston, South Carolina. He studies Greek and Latin poetry and politics. He is also the poetry editor for Adversus Press, a magazine of literature against the times. This is his first published work in a national review.



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