The American Journal of Poetry
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Blaise Allen

The Sybarite Poet


During happy hour, a poet ordered a bucket
of Blue Moon beer, followed by a plate
of Pillsbury crescent moons, poached Fish
Moon sautéed with cloud mushrooms,
roast Harvest Moon, wheel of brie moon,
Moon Unit Zappa’s Rotten Banana Bread
with Strawberry Moon jam, succotash Corn
Moon, fried zucchini Flower Moon, Moon Pies
and moon cake washed down with moonshine.
She ended her night with waning Alka-Seltzer
moons. Fifty-eight years of eating and drinking
her way through gastropubs, yet no one noticed,
each night, a little less moonlight in the world.




BLAISE ALLEN, Ph.D. is Director of Community Outreach, The Palm Beach Poetry Festival. Her poems have been published in literary anthologies and magazines including: Pink Panther Magazine, South Florida Poetry Journal, Clackamas Literary Review, East End Elements, Naugatauk River Review, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Blue Fifth Review, Long Island Quarterly, and Mothering Magazine. Blaise bridges her passion of social welfare and the arts through community engagement, and project management.



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