The American Journal of Poetry
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Lisa J. Sullivan

My father drew maps


to nowhere,
complete with rivers, roads,
swirls of elevation. I think to him,
a disabled Marine Veteran,
they were a destination
to somewhere beyond
the front door
he could no longer open.

The maps were never painted,
never inked—he always drew them
             in pencil

so he could erase, erase,     erase.




LISA J. SULLIVAN holds an MFA in Poetry from the Solstice Low-Residency MFA Program at Pine Manor College, where she was a Kurt Brown Fellow. Her work has appeared in The Comstock Review, Puckerbrush Review, The Chaffey Review, and elsewhere. Her ekphrastic piece “To the Bog of Allen” was selected as the United States Winner of the 2013 Ireland Poetry Project contest in collaboration with the Academy of American Poets. 



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