The American Journal of Poetry
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Ed Meek

Junkyard of Broken Dreams

             For Richard Hugo


This is not a junkyard. This is Dorchester
where driveways keep late model muscle cars
up on blocks and scaffolds harbor
old wooden boats, paint peeling, motors
missing parts. Where a yard once was

scraps of wood hide the weeds—watch out
for nails. The garage holds
reclaimed chairs, legless tables,
burnt out lamps and unfinished projects

that pile up like discarded notes, Styrofoam
coffee cups, broken bats, duck-taped
hockey sticks. You can’t
give this stuff away.
Wouldn’t that mean giving up?

This is where you’ll make your last stand,
fight the losing battle till the bitter end.
“I’ll drink to that!” you say
and laugh as you toss a dead soldier
into the bow of the boat.
I can hear the glass shatter from here.




ED MEEK's most recent book is Spy Pond (2015). Luck, short stories, arrives in 2017.



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