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Cotton King

Dear Billy Collins,


A friend of my niece’s best friend’s mom’s favorite Starbuck’s 
barista told him you once wrote: “Whenever I dream poetry…”
I don’t dream poetry. Unless someone enjoys Coleridge-(as I
know you do)-you’re only going to sleep in 3 or 4 stanza fits.
Not good for a guy who has to wake up early each morning
and start explaining the world to the world. You make sense
of it better than FOX or CNN and you never even roll your
eyes once. I’m not sure why so many of your fellow poets diss
you. Wait. Yes I am. And it has a great big green eye that rolls
around in its socket at the mere mention of your name. A great
big goddamned green protruding eye even bigger than the apple
that astonished Paris.




COTTON KING is a retired public librarian born, raised and residing in New Orleans, LA. Miss King is a longtime friend and contributor to the review from MARGIE to The American Journal of Poetry. Her first published poem appeared in The New Republic in 1954.



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