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Lola Haskins

The Night after the Total Eclipse


we wanted to see stars so we drove past the villages with their closed pubs, past the odd house, past the darkened farms, past the walled monks' road, past Grassington, and after miles of dips and rises we turned into a field. But the moon was so huge, so swollen -- like lips after too much kissing-- that it paled the sky, and, looking up, we could not be sure of anything and should we have been adrift at sea, no sextant ever made could have saved us.



Lola Haskins



When the atoms in my body
are stars again
They will not remember
this five am
out my window,
neither the moor
asleep on the horizon,
nor, across her darkened hips,
the scatters
of bright yellow gorse.




LOLA HASKINS has published 12 books of poetry and three of prose. She was recently named Honorary Chancellor of the Florida State Poets Association. Among her other honors are the Iowa Poetry Prize, two NEAs, two Florida Book Awards, four Florida state arts fellowships, and the Emily Dickinson prize from the Poetry Society of America. Her website is



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