The American Journal of Poetry
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John Davis Jr.

Avenging Eve


Dusk, and my grandmother, the stronger woman,
is thrusting her small garden hoe at a green snake.
The only good one is a dead one, she says, striking.

She renders the creature into twitching tubes.
Its dilated eye is scared slitherless, growing glassier
while the yard dogs panic, wondering what’s next.

Cold apple-red blood spots the south porch concrete.
She rinses the serpent’s defeat away
with her green garden hose as crows

gather in the grove, awaiting pieces
of a small housewife’s victory
over history, over blame, over fear.




JOHN DAVIS JR. is the author of Hard Inheritance (Five Oaks Press, 2016), Middle Class American Proverb (Negative Capability Press, 2014), and two other collections of poetry. His work has appeared in journals internationally, most recently at The Common online. He is an alumnus of the Disquiet International Literary Program, and holds an MFA from University of Tampa.



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