The American Journal of Poetry
"Strong Rx Medicine"®


Dilruba Ahmed



Preventative Measures

            Inoculation sampler.
            Includes two flu strains
            each with 13% efficacy.
            Duration of effectiveness
            not guaranteed. But
            with our prices, why not
            sample both? Great for all ages.

Chief Concerns

            Guaranteed to shred your immune system.
            May eliminate some cancer cells
            along the way. Passing a bowel movement
            will never be the same.
            *Must purchase with Beta-Mockers.

            Don’t feel like eating?
            Sometimes, neither do we. Only
            for the most nauseated among us.
            May lower blood pressure.
            Pairs well with Beta-Mockers.

            In pain? Let reality slip away
            with this no-nonsense painkiller.
            Best ordered before Beelzebom.
            in our new slow-release patch.
            *Life-long dependency included.

Side Effects

            Will keep your blood pressure
            on track while leaching calcium
            from your bones. Ask our staff
            if it’s tough to prioritize heart over spine.
            *Must purchase with Cal-Bind.

            Binds to excess calcium floating
            in your bloodstream. Great
            with our Beta-Mockers. Misuse may lead
            to nausea. Possible carcinogen;
            pregnant women pass the plate!

The Fine Print

            No generic substitutions available.
            All prices are fixed. All items
            are globally-sourced to maximize
            returns, and adhere to stringent standards
            set by hand-picked industry insiders.
            Gratuities welcome. All orders
            include familial debt and anguish
            or your money back.




DILRUBA AHMED's book, Dhaka Dust (Graywolf Press, 2011), won the Bakeless Prize.  Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Blackbird, American Poetry Review, Indiana Review, and New England Review.  New work is recent or forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, Hunger Mountain, Copper Nickel, and Kenyon Review.  Her poems have also been anthologized in Literature: The Human Experience (Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016), Indivisible: An Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry (University of Arkansas, 2010), and elsewhere.



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