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Anum Sattar

The Huntsman


Act I
He was tired of shooting birds,
so he sang to lure the ones that perched on a tree
into his shimmering cage to keep him company.

His call to attract the birds
was heard by a bluebird flying past
and hearing how wonderfully he sang she sung along.

He had never heard a bird sing so blissfully,
so he pursued her to fill his empty cage,
but she sped back to join her tiny flock.

Act II
When she told her friends of her admirer,
they twittered under their iridescent blue wings.
Such din they made, such warbling and such fuss!

They warned her he would trap her,
but the silly birling already flew off to a bush
where she picked some succulent drupes for him to eat.

But the berries he ate made him ill
for the food that nourished her would poison him,
so he sharpened his arrow and shot her.

Then he mounted his horse and rode back
swiftly like an arrow from a crossbow
to tempt with his dulcet voice another more deserving.

But his voice was now hoarse and when he sang
the bluebirds heard only the blare of a battered hunting horn
and they all pecked him pecked him without mercy.



Anum Sattar

Family Tables


A ceramic bowl full of sugar. My sisters and I wore knee length skirts in the house. We were the unrefined, raw and loose crystals that needed to be poured into a bowl. My mother was another wild one my father had tamed. She was his sugar in a sachet. Bright, yellow bananas were also placed in a ceramic bowl, but without great fanfare or symbolism. My sisters were not allowed to see anyone at middle school. My father loathed peeling bananas. It was a bother to take the skins off, but he always checked whether we wore our undergarments before we left the house.




ANUM KAMRAN SATTAR is a sophomore studying English at the College of Wooster. She would like to thank her parents and her professor Daniel Bourne.  The American Journal of Poetry is pleased to present these two poems as her second publication of poetry.



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