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Daniel Edward Moore

Locks, Rust And The Goddess Of Trust


All good locks rust.
                Like you, the earrings

on the lobes of our house,
                convincing closed things

to give up on god, to break me,
                enter you, take what they must.

Ice is the regret
                we share, unable to kindle

twigs by the door,
                unable to bend flames

into keys, something
                dark holes might love.



Daniel Edward Moore



the best year has fallen upon us.

If we believed this was it, if certain conditions prevailed.
If all inclinations toward harm were removed.

If the finger’s need to measure the distance
of flame to skin minus night’s toothless grin was gone.

If the space between lips was you, asking me
to hold my breath the way night does the sun

to teach us the meaning of mourning.

If blue was my face, the sky set free from
the back of your hand’s red glove.

If we burned the first day of the year. If I
told you to soak every regret in piss and gasoline.

If a matchbox coffin made for two makes baby Jesus cry.
If prayer is nothing more than inconsolable conjunction.




DANIEL EDWARD MOORE's poems have been published in journals such as: American Literary Review, The Spoon River Poetry Review, River Styx, Rattle, Western Humanities Review, Mid-American Review, Assaracus Review and others. He has poems forthcoming in Prairie Winds Literary Journal, Riding Light, Badlands Literary Journal, Broad Street Magazine, Common Ground Review, Glint Literary Journal, Permafrost Magazine, Compose Literary Journal and the Tule Review. He lives in Washington on Whidbey Island where he is working on his first book of poems, Waxing The Dents. Visit Daniel at 



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