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Timothy Liu

Army of Me


So what if he left a handprint

across my face, his grunt

fatigues sagging low emptied
of their belt. I used to sniff
his shoes, burrowed my nose
into worn leather uppers

with their tongues lolling out.
Ever felt the smallness

of your own two feet as you


tumbled through patches

of split-pea shag, rope burns

left on arms when no one else


was looking, genitals confused

with Gentiles—my father

like a blow-up Jesus all out


of prayers—legs up in the air?



Timothy Liu

Live Through This


Like a Sabine woman dragged by her heels.
More than ready for the ribbed ride.
Balanced on a rearing steed.
A latex condom torn through and through.
Something broken in.
Heaven or hell don’t ask don’t tell.
Some gift horse stuffed inside a child’s ass.




TIMOTHY LIU's next book, Kingdom Come: A Fantasia, will appear this Spring from Talisman House. He lives in Manhattan and Woodstock, NY.



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