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Peter Joseph Gloviczki

After Havel


I heard the news with my morning coffee. His image was onscreen at Starbucks. The reporter
said he died in the northern part of the Czech Republic. I hurried home to mark the location on a



Peter Joseph Gloviczki

Rosetta Stone


Let me speak to you in the almostpoetry of English as a second language. The way you make
the phrase falling snow seem entirely new to me. There are thirteen words for snow in
Hungarian. I told you once and now I repeat it like a salesman hitting talking points. Language is
a funny thing, how words mean something, then don’t. How tongues dance across the alphabet
without a care and how hustling through an airport—from one gate to another—the sound of
your voice stops me dead in my tracks.




PETER JOSEPH GLOVICZKI is the author of two collections of poetry: American Paprika (Salmon Poetry, 2016) and Kicking Gravity (Salmon Poetry, 2013). His poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Hayden's Ferry Review, Margie, New Orleans Review, The Christian Science Monitor, 32 Poems and elsewhere.



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