The American Journal of Poetry
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B. J. Duffy

A Beckoning


Fishing line spent
on wind waves

the wild streak
snagged and sailed

from a splintered pylon

a thumb prying
a question of who

owns the day
the tease of flight



B. J. Duffy

A Well Known Call


At the start of the day
loathing another shift

from yawn to yawn I stand
in a yard with returning light

the free time thinning
for long days pay answers

My dog tears through memory paths
stamped by the routinely searching

through the days napping dream
sleep hunt and bones polished clean

in clear spaces quiet where
there is often a scramble

Out of sight in the sweating grass the dog
listens to the bones and of how they were

worked over throughout then and now
his attention fixed on torn grass rolled in

covering himself with the scent of hunger
that knows all the paths home and his

to the stoop of an open door where I am
loudly opening the lid to a food can




B. J. DUFFY is a writer, electrician, husband and father residing in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. He has been the Assistant Editor In Chief at Plume Poetry since 2012. We are honored to present B.J. Duffy’s first publication of poetry.



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