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Kitty Donnelly



stood on waste ground in absurd sunshine
watching the window
where they stretchered and removed him
but only in body
it was I
who was truly gone
beer without yeast
cake without cream
worm without hope
no obstacle now for the wind
blowing summer grit
right through my bones
meeting nil resistance



Kitty Donnelly



Plain and broad as hopscotch on a playground,
the calendar skips down the day's bare bones,

their ragged hours
squandered like a banquet before famine.

So we plough each week
into a furrow of the past.

Do you feel that dull insistence?
That is time

tugging at your substance like a thread
spooling from the wheel

then spent.




KITTY DONNELLY was born in Oxford, England, in 1979. In 2016, her poem Migration was commended in the Southport Writers’ Circle Poetry Competition and she was long-listed for the Canterbury University Poet of the Year for her poem Night At Whitestone Farm. Her poems West Pier and An Immigrant, Dover were short-listed in the Hungry Hill Wild Atlantic Words 2016 Poetry Competition and have appeared in the recent anthology. She has poems due to be published in several magazines, including The Dawntreader and Mslexia. She lives in the Lake District and works as a Psychiatric Nurse. 



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