The American Journal of Poetry
"Strong Rx Medicine"®


Peter Cooley



and in between the snake who writes the clouds,
the snake between us whenever we have sex,

the snake your teacher broke across your wrist,
the snake you purchased, drink to help you sleep,

snake dancing the deads’ St.Vitus dance of snake,
snake multiplying the angels on your pin

the snake escaping the conciergerie,
the snake of snakes snaking the snakes snaking

snake on the slither snake frozen on your tongue,
snake mommy, snake daddy, snake baby couchee, coo

snake murder in our neighbor’s house at noon
snake asterisk snake dash, snake parentheses

snake in between betweens between betweens
snake pitfall ooops snake boomerang

coming around snake always coming around
snake always on the run, always in the race

always on the take snake, partaking of the holy
snake who propels my winning stars in me to run—




PETER COOLEY's poems appear in recent issues of AGNI, Plume, The Southern Review, The Sewanee Review, The Missouri Review and other places.



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