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Kelly Cherry

Crossing the Field


Madness of wind, catalpas lightning-lit
Like silverpoint, guttural rage of thunder,
The world in turmoil, wet and threatening.
Cattle huddle; depressions flood; clothes
Not taken in in time flap on the line,
Dancing a danse macabre. The distance from
Here to there is immense and seems
Unbreachable. The first required footstep
Takes years of training. The one that follows leads
To destinations unknown: San Antonio
Or New Jersey or an apartment on
The West Side. The third takes even longer
Than the first, and the fourth brings us to the gate,
Rusted, locked, and ivied, where we wait.




KELLY CHERRY is the author of 24 books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her 25th, and tenth poetry collection, comes out February, 2017. A book of flash fiction is forthcoming in the fall of 2017, and 2018 will bring another book of poetry. Further details may be found on her Wikipedia page.



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