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Jospeh A. Chelius

Straightening the Garage


Into the mid-day sun I brought out
bicycles, a mower, a hobbled doll carriage
minus a wheel—an unruly crowd
made to stand on the asphalt
while I expelled swirling dust
with a flattened broom.

Then all of it back, but in assigned places:
hoses and lawn chairs recoiled, re-slung.
Like rigid cadets the rakes and shovels
awaiting inspection: my father
after a second or third can of Pabst
offering that rare praise,
the hand on my shoulder

not sloughed off these early hours
I gaze out the window—
primed with a pencil
in a house with no garage.




JOSPEH A. CHELIUS works as an editorial supervisor for a health care communications company in the Philadelphia suburbs.  His first full-length collection of poems, The Art of Acquiescence, was published in 2014 by WordTech Communications in Cincinnati.



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