The American Journal of Poetry
"Strong Rx Medicine"®


Richard Carr



In middle age Grief bought a sports car,
lost some weight,
embraced a second bachelorhood

He met Kindness online,
made a date,
put on a sport coat and open collar,
Dean Martin crackling on the bathroom radio.

Pointing her toes like a ballerina,
Kindness turned in her chair
to touch each piece of coffee shop art
with a tranquil smile.

Grief was enchanted,
told his life story chronologically,
talked work,

She lifted her coffee cup with both hands
and bowing her head to sip
looked into the creamy bottom
for a way out.




RICHARD CARR's most recent book is Grave Reading, his ninth full-length poetry collection. "Grief” is from a manuscript in progress called Abstractions.  A former systems analyst, web designer, and tavern manager, he currently teaches English in Minneapolis. 



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